Bone washed up on a beach, reincarnation!

bovine bone washed up in Darwin
Image: Barry Ramage

This piece of bone, definitely Bovine, was washed up on Casuarina beach. One of those moments walking the shore line that could have easily been missed or overlooked. It had been in the water for quite some time before finding its' self gently rolling in and away with the mostly calm currents of tropical dry season Darwin. I looked out on the water for the usual threats, before wading out to grab before a light Eddie would have carried it out of reach. Why was it here? Was it a poor creature crammed on a ship for live export to Indonesia? Didn't make it and jettisoned? Maybe a croc torn Buffalo washed down a creek into the sea? The debris from a Yacht or cruise liner dinner party? All would make for very different stories, though, truth has it, I had been in need of some bone for a while...

It has been used to make instrument Nut and Bridges also has been reincarnated as small body parts for crate characters.