crate technical

flow diagram of the crate puppet theatre technical flow
Barry Ramage - crate tech flow chart

An outline of the steps taken to set up the control of light and sound for The Crate Puppet Theatre, I hope parts or possibly all of this will be useful for a wider audience.

So, while it is a notebook for me, I have also broken down some other online resources into instructions, kind of a speed tech for creatives approach.

what isn't on this flow diagram is the power supply. The Crate Theatre runs entirely on a 5 V power supply. there are options for this of course, though which ever option is taken power consumption is to be kept to a absolute minimum, shaving a few mW where ever possible. A minimal (power) resources mindset is adopted throughout the design process, my power supply choice is a 5V battery bank used to charge mobile devices on the move.

I have written instructions for every stage in the technical flow chart and will publish computer related articles when the process has been completed by somebody new to the Raspberry Pi...


Android phone and preparation

Open Lighting Architecture on Raspberry Pi

ola_dmxtrigger is a component of the Open Lighting Architecture. used to trigger audio (or video) tracks in sync with lighting cues

Sound - Headphones



GRBW Pixels as light source for the Crate Puppet Theatre
Image: Barry Ramage - Light Sources for the crate

These GRBW pixels have a nicer light compared to the GRB units commonly marketed as Neo-Pixels.