crate puppet theatre

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image: Barry Ramage, crate theatre

Welcome to The Crate Puppet Theatre. Darwin's smallest and most intimate venue!

A contemporary vision of the ancient and magical art of puppetry, clandestine delivery of stories delivered by characters barely 7 cm tall.

The crates intimacy is due to well, it is just that, a milk crate... There is one puppeteer and one audience member, the show is viewed through a peep hole and sound is via headphones.

Artist and audience almost face to face. A virtual world where the setting is on a scale of Paper or Toy Theatres from Queen Victoria's realm.

The shows are short, take a few minutes to be carried to another dimension.

Having worked many shows of large scale and power requirements to match, the crate is part experiment, part expression of what is possible on a tiny scale. A process that while holding challenges is so valid. This is written from a pre-show perspective, looking forward to audience reactions!