crate yard

Crate Yard

Where is "The Crate Puppet Theatre" showing? Are there any workshops coming up?

Darwin Fringe Festival 15-24 July 2016

The Crates first showings with the debut of "Lost"

The Crate becomes flat-pack!

Currently re-working the crate to a smaller traveling size, a true suitcase tour!




A new day, Isolated, betrayed, frazzled. Survival instinct intact… Unashamedly kitsch, some clichés and a little culture, The Crate presents ‘Lost!’ A very short piece for a mature audience.

Inspired by a story of two swimmers with only their towels, taking the wrong turn from a waterhole in Litchfied National Park, NT. They were spotted by helicopter the day after! What would reality be if lost in the Bush.