crate theatre

crate puppet theatre

Welcome to The Crate Puppet Theatre. Darwin's smallest and most intimate venue!

A contemporary vision of the ancient and magical art of puppetry, clandestine delivery of stories delivered by characters barely 7 cm tall.

The crates intimacy is due to well, it is just that, a milk crate... There is one puppeteer and one audience member, the show is viewed through a peep hole and sound is via headphones.

crate design

The Crate Theatre came about via many influences, the greatest being an alternative use for an iconic everyday object, the milk crate.

In the UK for example, the milk crate is used in a different way to that of Australia. A milk float carries pint milk bottles in crates for delivery to the door while collecting empties for cleaning and refilling. The crates have dividers to keep the glass bottles separated from each other, pretty much restricting use for carrying much else. The Australian crate however, sturdy crate with a multitude of uses!

Design Brief:

Crate Yard

Where is "The Crate Puppet Theatre" showing? Are there any workshops coming up?

Darwin Fringe Festival 15-24 July 2016

The Crates first showings with the debut of "Lost"

The Crate becomes flat-pack!

Currently re-working the crate to a smaller traveling size, a true suitcase tour!