From Oxford all around via Istanbul before returning. On to London and touring it's environs. From London to Berlin and back again.
Touring from The South Bank and stopping in Camden. To Whitstable to settle for a while then to Darwin.
Theatre inside and out, festivals, Dance, Puppets and Circus. Venues, fields, Big-tops, Streets, Trucks and makeshifts.

Light, Sound, Code, Projection. Steel, wood, textiles, paint and resin.
Tech. to chief to Maker to Designer, Technical to Company to Production and back again.

Barry Ramage Bio, The Book of Shadows.

The name chromo comes partly from the "Touring from The South Bank" part of the Bio. The South Bank of the River Thames, home to The English National Theatre. The National (then The Royal National Theatre) were very keen to stage Joan Littlewoods "Oh What A Lovely War". Joans view on the institutional RNT was no secret! This Telegraph article would explain more but the link is broken now... That uneasy relationship resulted in touring Oh What a Lovely War complete with the Venue, a Theatre Big-Top. On the Tour we were living in a well equipped Trailer Truck combination (which became central to some of the touring company and crew saving diems by camping behind the Big-Top) providing kitchen, shower and beds, in time the trailer became a shiny Buccaneer Roma Vardo, Lots of chrome and cut glass, on the tour known as "Cafe Chromo". The name Chromo stuck.


These pages are about interaction, creating new experiences and projects. Please join me.

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